Mission: Provide premium service to help great bands to get things done.

Bored with same-old venues? No label? No money to get merch done? No ride to get to the show? No play, just work? Send e-mail to keijo@max-mana.com and ask for more!

Founder Keijo ‘K.O.’ Niinimaa is best known from Rotten Sound, Nasum farewell tour and Morbid Evils, but he has a long history of bands in his past since 1988. Keijo has been a powerhouse in all of his bands, has been recording to labels since 1993 and is also touring around the world constantly while he books, produces and manages his own shows. Max Mana has also tons of other resources for any starting, stuck or established operation.

K.O. is a fan of (financial) planning and diy-approach when necessary to make a tour happen despite low resources. He is also very comfortable with computers, spreadsheets, contract negotiations and working with people. Sometimes he might have a know-it-all-hat on, but even then he wants to listen to the artist needs and wants them to do whatever feels best for them.

Keijo Niinimaa’s experience and Max Mana’s resources:

  • Over 20 years of experience from touring, booking and co-operation with enthusiastic people around the world
  • Over 20 years of recording and publishing agreement contract experience
  • Over 15 years of management experience in IT-industry and as in-band work-a-holic
  • Massive network of promoters, labels, artist and other parties in music industry
  • Years of tour management experience
  • Merchandise strategy and sales experience
  • Endless km/miles behind the wheel
  • Vocalist in Nasum farewell tour, Rotten Sound, Morbid Evils, Medeia, Vomiturition
  • Guitarist and songwriter in Morbid Evils, Vomiturition (1993-1994, “A Leftover”-era)
  • Co-producer or producer in all of the bands he is or has played in
  • 8+1 Opel Movano van with a lot of space for gear and more
  • 4+1 Ford Tourneo Connect van with a decent space for gear and more
  • Bunch of amplifiers and cabinets for guitar and bass, drumkit on need basis
  • Ability to find creative solutions to problems
  • Over 25 years of SW development experience with various platforms
  • Quick graphics designs on need basis for social media and internet
  • Logo designs (Vomiturition, guidance and vision for Morbid Evils, Max Mana)